Saturday, August 14, 2010

I don't want my mummy......

sekadar gambar hiasan

PUTRAJAYA: It was a heart-wrenching scene at the Court of Appealhere when three appellate judges tried to persuade an 11-year-old girlto give her mother a second chance.
Low Bi-Anne had initiallyrefused to meet her mother Tan Siew Siew, 37, when the custody battlecase was called up. The mother has been given custody of the child.
However, Bi-Anne, who was in tears, sat close to her father, real-estate negotiator Low Swee Siong, 40.
Uponhearing submissions by the parties, Court of Appeal judge JusticeSulong Matjeraie, who chaired a three-man panel, asked the girl to giveher mother a chance to show her love.
“Your mother came all the way from England to see you,” he said.
Justice Mohamed Apandi Ali told her: “Your mother took care of you for nine months. Give it a try.”
Upon hearing this, Bi-Anne said: “She took care of me for nine months but my father took care of me for 10 years.”
Justice Jefrey Tan Kok Wha told the girl: “I am sure (both your parents) love you equally.”
The girl then wept and said: “I don’t love her.”
Lawyer T. Susamma, who acted for the girl’s mother, said her client was heartbroken at not having access to her daughter.
Susamma applied to the Bench for the girl’s father, Low, to surrender her birth certificate and all school records.
Counsel Chan Kah Ling, who represented Low, requested that the court give them 14 days or a month to comply with the order.
Justice Sulong ordered that the birth certificate be given to Tan within seven days.
The couple married on Aug 2, 1999. When they divorced on June 19, 2006, the custody of the girl was given to the father.
After two years, the mother applied for custody.
OnAug 6, 2008, High Court judge Justice Hinshawati Sharif ordered thatcustody of the girl be given to the mother and the father be givenreasonable access. However, the order could not be executed becauseBi-Anne did not want to go to her mother.
On July 27, the fatherappealed to the Court of Appeal against the lower court ruling butlater withdrew it. Yesterday was the execution of the High Court orderfor the custody of the child to the mother.

Saya tak dpt bayangkan perasaan emak kanak-kanak ini bila dia dengar anak dia cakap cam tu kat dia. Mungkin betul ibunya mengandungkan dia selama 9 bln, tp jasa ayah yg menjaga dia selama 10 thn tak mungkin dpt dia lupakan dlm sekelip mata.  Sedih sngt rasanya bila anak2 terpaksa membuat pilihan samaada ibu atau ayah bila berlaku perceraian...yg pasti anak2 lah yg paling menderita. Bila suami dan isteri bercerai mereka boleh menggantikan pasangan mereka dgn sesiapa saja yg mereka suka, tp adakah anak2 boleh menggantikan ibu-bapa mereka dgn org lain? Fikirkan  lah.....

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